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Whole House Fans

Designed to pull out hot air from a house or building, a whole house fan serves the purpose of an exhaust system. For homes or buildings with a whole house fan, the hot air is pulled into the attic. Due to positive pressure, air in the attic is pushed out through the vents or gables. Simultaneously, negative pressure is created in the living area, which helps to draw cooler air in through the windows.

A whole house fan is economical and practical. It can substantially lower the temperature in a home or building rapidly. It's certainly much more affordable than air conditioning. Newer models of whole house fans are not only energy efficient, but environmentally friendly as well. Newer models are also much quieter than the older whole house fans models. If you live in an area with a moderate climate, you may be able to use a whole house fan for most of your cooling needs and reserve your air conditioner for the hottest hours of the day.